Akti Retzika offers a selection of experiences
that will add to creating moments to remember

  • Recharge and rejuvenate with yoga sessions
  • Attend cooking workshops and meet Greek culture through local cuisine
  • Rent a bike and explore local surroundings

Cooking workshops

One of the most memorable aspects of a visit to Greece is its cuisine. Food that is fresh, rich with flavor and healthy makes it hard not to fall in love with Greek gastronomy. Here at Akti Retzika, our aim is to enable our guests to participate in a memorable and fun culinary experience by offering hands-on cooking lessons. Guests will learn how to cook and and enjoy healthy Greek food. The lessons are casual and will include traditional Greek recipes such as tzatziki, melitzanosalata, stuffed peppers and other favorites. All of our dishes are prepared by using fresh ingredients including olive oil, meat, cheese and vegetables.

// The cooking lessons are informal and in English.
// Recipes vary according to the seasons. We use only the freshest ingredients available.
// The sequence of activities might change, subject to weather and to the availability of certain ingredients.
// A vegetarian or vegan menu, or a menu with dietary restrictions are available upon request.

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Cheryl Chatzis is a mother, photographer and writer with a passion for cooking. She’s been a stay at home mom while living in Greece for the past nine years and has embraced the culture and a love for Greek gastronomy. As a former Greek food blogger, she’s knowelgable and experienced in cooking the traditional Greek dishes that everyone loves. Cheryl enjoys teaching our guests and showing them how to take the flavors of Greece back to their homeland; so that memories are not only lasting but can be shared at the dinner table.





Yoga sessions
Leave the walls, practice yoga in nature; discover your own true nature.

We invite you to take a journey of discovery and submerge your body and mind into the ancient traditions of Yoga, upon a beautiful and exclusive setting by the sea, surrounded by nature.

Yoga is a training method promising to revitalize body and soul utilising a series of stretches and moves, drawn from the ancient Eastern philosophies.

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Weekly programme
for YOGA:




Bicycle rental

Cycling is the best way to discover the authentic nature that surrounds Akti Retzika.

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At the reception of Akti Retzika you have the opportunity to rent a bike to discover the area.

EUR 12 per bike per day

Activities by “Mindloop”


Windsurfing in Thessaloniki was never easier! Take up a beginner class with the expert instructors of Mindloop and learn how to windsurf in the clear waters of Epanomi (30-40 mins from the city centre, 20 mins from the airport).

It doesn’t matter if you have tried windsurfing before or not. At Mindloop sports station you will become the rider you’re aiming for. With a one-to-one tuition, you will have your instructor all by yourself to get confident and learn how to use the sail and how to control the sail and the board. All the lessons are perfectly designed and cut depending on the student’s needs.

The spot is ideal for windsurfing. From April to October you can expect thermal winds up to 15 knots with flat warm waters. Try windsurfing in Thessaloniki and you won’t regret it!

Half day tour Duration: 3 hours

With the SUP adventure trips in Epanomi, Thesssaloniki you will paddle the clear Mediterranean waters of the Aegean Sea, explore the remote, unique and spectacular coastline of Thermaic gulf.

There is a great selection of Stand Up Paddleboards which are ideal for families, couples and friends but for advanced paddlers too. These trips are designed for people with little or no previous experience and for more experienced paddlers as well. The SUP trips are the ultimate in “soft adventure”.

Your safety is a main concern for your instructor. At the launch site, you will be briefed and be given the safety instructions. After the briefing, and once you know how to paddle, you will start the trip. All you need to bring is a bathing suit, a towel, a hat, sunscreen, and you are ready for a day filled with adventure, exercise, and unforgettable beauty.

We start from our station and we are heading North where we paddle approximately for an hour on a slow pace, on our way we can paddle close to the famous shipwreck, then we pass from the cape of Epanomi where we do a one hour brake where you will be served a fresh snack and enjoy the great view and the feeling that you are surrounded from the sea.

Half day tour Duration: 3 hours

With the sea kayak adventure trips get ready to explore the unique beauty of Epanomi bay in Thessaloniki. An adventure trip to paddle accompanied by a certified instructor, and explore the coastline of Thessaloniki.

You will find single sitting and double sitting kayaks ideal for friends, families and couples. All the trips are perfectly accustomed to your level whether you have tried sea kayaking before or not.

Your safety is always a top priority for the instructors of Mindloop. At the launch site, you will have a briefing by the instructor where he will explain how to use the sea kayaks and how to paddle effortlessly. All you need to bring with you is a bathing suit, a towel and get ready for a fun filled day at the magnificent bay of Epanomi.

We start from our station and we are heading North where we paddle approximately for an hour on a slow pace, on our way we can paddle close to the famous shipwreck, then we pass from the cape of Epanomi where we do a one hour brake where you will be served a fresh snack and enjoy the great view and the feeling that you are surrounded from the sea.


Kitesurfing is a ”must do” experience. Either a beginner or an intermediate rider Thessaloniki is the ideal spot to get your kite lessons with the experienced instructors of Mindloop Outdoor Activities.

In Epanomi we have thermal winds through spring & summer months with winds up to 15 knots and really strong winds up to 35 knots throughout winter.

Our school operates all year and we provide lessons with safety and a lot of fun!
The best kite sizes are 12-14sq.m (summer) and 6-9sq.m (winter)

Fitness Courses
(upon request)

Get out and exercise alternatively in the countryside! Providing you all the necessary equipment we invite you to join in a circuit training program lasting one hour, high medium or low intensity, depending on your level, using straps-weights-pilates props-ropes and tires. The place and the time can be adjusted based on your own needs. Personal-Semi Personal Groups(max 6 prs) These programs are conducted under the supervision and guidance of graduated Physical Education trainer.

Rentals of:

  • Sea kayaks
  • SUPs
  • Windsurf
  • Pedal Boats