Akti Retzika offers a selection of experiences
that will add to creating moments to remember

  • Recharge and rejuvenate with yoga sessions
  • Attend cooking workshops and meet Greek culture through local cuisine
  • Rent a bike and explore local surroundings

Cooking workshops

One of the most memorable aspects of a visit to Greece is its cuisine. Food that is fresh, rich with flavor and healthy makes it hard not to fall in love with Greek gastronomy. Here at Akti Retzika, our aim is to enable our guests to participate in a memorable and fun culinary experience by offering hands-on cooking lessons. Guests will learn how to cook and and enjoy healthy Greek food. The lessons are casual and will include traditional Greek recipes such as tzatziki, melitzanosalata, stuffed peppers and other favorites. All of our dishes are prepared by using fresh ingredients including olive oil, meat, cheese and vegetables.

// The cooking lessons are informal and in English.
// Recipes vary according to the seasons. We use only the freshest ingredients available.
// The sequence of activities might change, subject to weather and to the availability of certain ingredients.
// A vegetarian or vegan menu, or a menu with dietary restrictions are available upon request.

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Cheryl Chatzis is a mother, photographer and writer with a passion for cooking. She’s been a stay at home mom while living in Greece for the past nine years and has embraced the culture and a love for Greek gastronomy. As a former Greek food blogger, she’s knowelgable and experienced in cooking the traditional Greek dishes that everyone loves. Cheryl enjoys teaching our guests and showing them how to take the flavors of Greece back to their homeland; so that memories are not only lasting but can be shared at the dinner table.




Yoga sessions
Leave the walls, practice yoga in nature; discover your own true nature.

We invite you to take a journey of discovery and submerge your body and mind into the ancient traditions of Yoga, upon a beautiful and exclusive setting by the sea, surrounded by nature.

Yoga is a training method promising to revitalize body and soul utilising a series of stretches and moves, drawn from the ancient Eastern philosophies.

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Weekly programme
for YOGA:
@ 9.00-10.00




Bicycle rental

Cycling is the best way to discover the authentic nature that surrounds Akti Retzika.

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At the reception of Akti Retzika you have the opportunity to rent a bike to discover the area.

EUR 12 per bike per day