Green philosophy

Akti Retzika is located in the wider coastal-marine zone of Epanomi Lagoon.
An unspoilt natural area that can be explored on foot or by bicycle
without the use of car or any other means of transport; with care and respect for the rare flora and fauna!

Some information on Epanomi Lagoon:

The combination of sand dunes and canals, the abundance of birds and the wide view to the open sea create a landscape of aesthetic value. This landscape consists of a sand-covered shore with a small lagoon, which despite its size is characterised by a variety and high quality of halophytic and sand-dune vegetation. Reed bed formations occupy artificial ditches and canals. The variety of habitats appearing in the area offers an important breeding, feeding and wintering place for a large number of bird species, many of which are priority species, as well as for other animal species.

Due to its high ecological importance the area is protected by Greek, European and International law. For that reason it is recommended to visit the area on foot or by bicycle. An unsoiled natural area waiting to be explored.

The wetland is considered to be an important breeding, feeding and wintering ground for more than 186 bird species many of which are protected. In addition it is an important site for wintering ducks and breeding, passage and wintering waders. Species of concern include Glareola praticola (Greywader). Some important bird species are: Cisticola juncialis andLarus cachinnans (Yellow-legged Gull).

Concerning the habitat types, 12 habitat types were recorded in the area, two of which are priority habitat types. These two are marine habitat types: 1120* (Posidonia beds – Posidonion oceanicae) and 1150* (Coastal lagoons).

Moreover, into this site the plant species Pancratium maritimum (sea daffodil) is growing wild.
As regards to fish species found in this site, worth mentioning are Aphanius fasciatus (South European toothcarp) (Annex II of 92/43/EEC) and Syngnathus abaster (black-striped pipefish).

Our green philosophy in practice:

At Akti Retzika, we have created a Green Philosophy, a commitment to continuously work in order to improve our environmental performance. More specifically we are working on the following areas:

  • Maintaining natural habitats for birds in the grounds.
  • Ensure staff is involved and encourage their input.
  • Assess strategies and performances at different times of the year and day.
  • Ensure staff/guests when appropriate are included in assessments to actively encourage interest and be proactive in wanting to work to improve our policies.
  • Installing bird boxes and feeders.
  • Planting native plants.
  • Foods are sourced mainly from local producers.
  • Recycle plastic, cans, tin, paper, glass, cardboard.
  • Ensure that all staff are trained in the appropriate separation of waste for recycling.
  • Use table mats as opposed to table cloths.
  • All new appliances purchased / installed to be ‘A’ rated or higher.
  • Any window/door replacements to have double glazed glass.
  • Ask guests and staff not to leave appliances on standby or plugged in.
  • Installing a low energy lighting system.
  • Raising the awareness of staff and guests so that everybody can be involved in our green philosophy.
  • Guests are encouraged to visit wetland on foot or by bicycle (rental is possible at the reception).
  • Purchasing and using environmentally friendly materials / products whenever & where ever possible or appropriate.

As our guest you are invited to be part of this philosophy!
Enjoy your stay and never stop enjoying your time spent in nature with care and respect!

Green Key

“Akti Retzika” has been awarded with the “Green Key” ( since it meets the criteria set globaly for the Protection of Nature.

Supporting “Posidonia oceanica”

Potamos Beach is one of the Mediterranean’s natural beaches with Posidonia oceanica.

The presence of Posidonia in a beach is a sign of Crystal-clear water.

Maintaining Posidonia on our beaches is a natural solution to stop sand loss while it helps to maintain crystal-clear waters and protect marine biodiversity. It is an ally of our future in preserving our coasts, also in highly touristic areas. 

The environmental programme “Interreg MED” gathers 13 European countries from the Northern shore of the Mediterranean, which are working together for a sustainable growth in the region.

Akti Retzika is a member of this community of actors supporting Posidonia conservation on our beach.

Whether as organisations, citizens or tourists, we can support Posidonia conservation.

Thus, we would like to invite our guests to also commit to preserving Posidonia on Potamos Beach and the Mediterranean coast by signing the Charter of agreement found in the link below:



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